Aimee’s Birthday, Crescent Head, Australia

Excerpt from my journal, May 12th


We celebrated Aimee’s Birthday in today in Crescent Head, Australia. My “baby” turned 13 years old.  Over the past week I have not been able to take my eyes off of her.  I just stare in awe at her beauty and maturity.  She has grown into an amazing young lady.  I feel spoiled to have had her all to myself these past months.   Her social intelligence far exceeds her years. She sees the world through creative eyes and has brought more color into my world than I could have ever imagined.  She makes me laugh with her insight and one-liners.  She lightens the serious side of me. She is adventurous and easy going.  She is beauty. 

Crescent Head is a pretty sleepy town with not much to do.  We did our best at making the day special.  Aimee woke to a birthday donut.

We had a picnic on the beach.

She got the fluffy mutton that she fell in love with in New Zealand.

We played pin the nose on the koala,

and limbo.

We shared a yummy chocolate birthday cake.  This time I had matches to light the candles!


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