Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Roughly 2 days before our arrival in Indonesia we decided to go the the Mentawai Islands.  The Mentawais are a group of islands off the west coast of Sumatra.  When Willie explained that we would need to take a 2 hour flight from Bali to Jakarta, a 2 hour flight from Jakarta to Padang, a 2 1/2 hour van ride to the ferry landing, a 12 hour overnight ferry, and a 2 hour motor boat ride to get there, we all agreed, “let’s go!”.

Leaving Bali.

Leaving Jakarta, Java, Indonesia.

Arriving at the airport in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Ambu Ambu Ferry at Port Bungus, outside of Padang.

Siberut ferry landing in the Mentawai’s.

Motorboat to Macaroni’s Surf Resort.

Finally arriving at Macaroni’s Surf Resort over 24 hours of travel later.

Arriving in Bali, Indonesia

We arrived in Bali on May 19th and stayed at the Holiday Inn outside of Kuta for 2 nights before heading to the Mentawai’s.  The hotel is just north of the Airport in Denpasar.  Surprisingly, the airport traffic is barely audible.  We stayed there due to the easy access to surfing. You can hire a boat driver for about $4 to take you to the surf breaks at the end of the runway. Apparently, you can also have pet monkeys and take them swimming.


Manly, Australia

One of the highlights of our trip to Australia was visiting Maura, an old friend from my home town, and her husband Paul.  Maura gave us a tour of Manly and the waterfront.  It is a beautiful town filled with active, young people.  It reminded me a lot of Boulder, but by the sea.  We surfed, shopped and ate together at the local cafes.  It was a wonderful way to end our travels in Australia.  I am already thinking about returning for another visit and Paul and Willie are making plans for buying a boat and sailing to French Polynesia.  Our next adventure?

Manly beach.

Old friends.

Maura and Paul.