More Billagong Koala Park, Australia

Wylie and spent a long  time feeding our corn to the wallabies.

I kissed one while it was eating. I bet the wallabies get kissed very often.

This wallaby had a very funny looking joey in its pouch, it wasn’t very fluffy but still very cute.

Dad filling up the wallabies hungry bellies.

Giving the last of our food away. It was hard saying goodbye to them. I think we will see them again though, hopefully in our house 🙂 – Aimee

Billagong Koala Park, Australia

On May 13th we decieded to go stop by the Billabong Koala Park hoping to see all the animals on our check list for Australia and pet some koalas. Little did we know we would get to feed wallabies, wallaroos, and kangaroos and  also pet dingos. – Aimee


Me petting a super fluffy koala. This was was one of the only ones that was lazy enough to let the zoo keeper pull him off his tree.


We love the koalas…

And the dingos

We even got to pet them.