Sydney, Australia

After three weeks of traveling down the coast of Australia, we made it to Sydney.  It felt a bit surreal, standing under the shadows of the iconic Sydney Opera House.  For so many years I have seen photos of this architectural masterpiece but never imagined I would be there in person.  The sun just barely below the arched roof shells gave it a cathedral type appearance.

The harbor bridge to Sydney.

The opera house.

Harbor bridge from behind the Opera House.

The water front.

Reflections looking up at the back of the Opera House.  Can you find Willie, Wylie and Aimee?

The Botanical Gardens just outside of the Opera House.

View from the Botanical Gardens.

The Art Museum.

Sydney at night.


More Billagong Koala Park, Australia

Wylie and spent a long  time feeding our corn to the wallabies.

I kissed one while it was eating. I bet the wallabies get kissed very often.

This wallaby had a very funny looking joey in its pouch, it wasn’t very fluffy but still very cute.

Dad filling up the wallabies hungry bellies.