Family Golf



Brother Logan, Mom, Son Wylie (rocking the socks and skate shoes)

Nine holes and 3.5+ hours later.  There was actually one hole when we were all on the fairway.  Family golf is much more civil than family tennis.   No clubs were thrown although the turf took a beating.   We definitely got our money’s worth from whoever will have to maintain the course.

Valentine’s Day

Twenty years ago on Valentine’s Day, Willie proposed to me.  Although he is still my one and only true love, there is a new love in my life.  It is 7ft 1 in. tall and 21.5 inches wide and blonde.

This board was made by a local shaper named Mark, who lives here in Hanalei. His company is called Papa Sau.  Willie met him in the beach parking lot in Kapaa.  He had a truck full of boards.  After a short conversation and a couple of phone calls, I got my hands on this board.  It was love at first ride.  It is everything I have wanted in a board.  I hope we share many good years together.  Although Willie is a bit jealous of our relationship, he put his feelings aside, decorated it with flowers and presented it to me on Valentine’s Day.  I am a very lucky lady!

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Oahu, HI

Hanauma Bay is a marine embayment formed within a volcanic cone and located along the southeast coast of the Island of Oʻahu in the Hawaiian Island.


During the first week of our travels, we stayed on Oahu.  We took the kids to Hanauma Bay for their first time snorkeling.  Wylie captured the underwater marine life with his new GoPro.  Wow, does this camera take amazing videos!  We saw so many colorful fish and had the pleasure of swimming with this friendly sea turtle.

Just Another Morning in Kauai


The original plan was to leave Kauai for a ten-day stay on the Big Island or Maui and then return to Kauai before heading to Tahiti. Unfortunately we had no luck finding accommodations on either island, so we decided to stay on Kauai. Not a bad idea, considering this is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We left our house in Hanalei and are now in Princeville. We have always tried to avoid Princeville – the land of condos and Hoalies – and instead stay in or near the town of Hanalei, where there is more of a local flavor. We ended up finding a place on the cliffs overlooking “Hide Aways” surf spot. We were not disappointed.

These pictures were taken sitting on the lanai, eating a breakfast of pancakes with kiwi, mango, apple bananas (yes they do taste like apples), topped with coconut syrup, 300 ft above the waters edge, looking out over an endless sea to the horizon. Down below, Willie is the only one out in the water catching perfect glassy, head high waves, there is a rainbow framing the view and a pod of whales breaching directly in front of me. Somebody pinch me.  Is this for real?



Willie Surfing Hideaways.

Hide Aways


More whales.

more whales


Yummy breakfast.



Queens Bath

warning signstream

We finally made it to Queen’s Bath today. During winter, there are few times you can actually visit the bath without eminent death or at least danger. Queen’s Bath is a natural pool formed in the lava rocks along the coast of Princeville, Kauai. After driving into the land of condos and haoles, we parked the minivan and began the 10 minute hike, descending down the muddy, red clay trail to the black lava cliffs along the waters edge. The hike is akin to a Disney theme park Ride from the Jungle Book with a perfect waterfall flowing beside the trail, that leads to a small fresh water pool; palm trees rustling, birds singing and the sound of water trickling. From here we took a moment to assess the size of the swell. Things can change quickly in the ocean and the waters can become angry in the time it takes to park the car and hike the trail. Luckily, for us, the waves were still relatively small for Hawaii in winter. We walked out along the rough rocks, passing tide pools, with one eye looking for crabs and little fish, and the other looking for that rogue wave that might wash us out to sea. We were just here 2 weeks ago and the high surf was covering these same rocks with 30ft waves. We watched too casual tourists standing at the cliffs edge, taking photos, oblivious to the fact that at any moment a huge wave could come in, making them another slash mark on the warning sign. Within a few minutes, we were standing on the rocks above the pool, bathing suits donned, GoPro in hand, jumping into the Bath. The water was calm and clear until a huge wave came crashing onto the cliffs and water cascaded over the pool’s edge creating a wave of excitement as the current pushed us around and the suddenly aerated water felt like we were sitting in a drunk man’s champagne glass or nature’s Jacuzzi without the heated water. Then the water and our heart beats became calm again and we waited for the next big wave to roll in. (click to see us in the bath)